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Frank Labarre "Wings of Kindness Scholarship"

 A true labor of love, Barrans Bears started with a cardboard box and a dream. From humble beginnings at Fleet Tire in Metairie, Barrans Bears has grown to promote its mission of bringing Law Enforcement and First Responders together. Mr. Frank Labarre owner of Fleet Tire, placed a cardboard box in his tire shop, asking his customers to donate new and used teddy bears so that Barrans Bears Founder Turner Barran could provide his squad with teddy bears to give to children at calls for service. These calls often involved Domestic Violence. From that one little box, and faith in a cause, Frank Labarre gave Barrans Bears the wings to grow. Sadly, Mr. Labarre wasn't able to see the full growth of Barrans Bears as God called Mr. Labarre to heaven where Mr. Labarre received his wings. I'm sure from his tire shop in heaven, Mr. Labarre is smiling on our progress!

You see, Barrans Bears started from a relationship built on kindness, two people meeting that otherwise could have passed each other by in a world where kindness often takes a second seat to the hustle and bustle of daily life. One act of kindness…one cardboard box…has made way into an organization that spreads kindness to the children of Louisiana and beyond. From our partnerships with Battered Womens Shelters, to the educational lectures we provide at local schools, Barrans Bears is making a change in our Community, one bear, and one smile at a time. Barrans Bears is synonymous with caring, trust, and compassion for those who need a friend during a traumatic event.

It is with great honor and pride that we here at Barrans Bears unveil our newest program. We proudly introduce the Frank Labarre "Wings of Kindness Scholarship". This $1000.00 Dollar scholarship will be given to one Louisiana student who exemplifies the compassion and caring that Mr. Labarre was known for. The scholarship is open to all Louisiana students entering High School and must be used at Louisiana schools. We ask for a written essay in which an act of kindness by the applicant changed the life of the receiver for the better. Essays must be emailed to and must be received between June 1st and August 1st 2018. We look forward to receiving your essays. Essays received before June 1st and after August 1st will not be accepted. Essays will be read and a recipient will be chosen by the Barrans Bears Board of Directors. The recipient will be notified of his/her being selected no later than September 15th 2018 .  Children of the Barrans Bears Board of Directors are not eligible for this program.

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